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PhD, Muhammad Sani Gaya, Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Modelling And Control Of An Activated Sludg Process - Graduated 2014

PhD, Irma Wani Binti Jamaludin, Online Recursive Subspace Identification Using Adaptive Predictive Controller for Nonlinear Systems  – Writing stage

       PhD, Zakariah Yusof, Modeling and Control of Membrain Reactor Wastewater System- Ongoing

PhD, Sharatul Izah Binti Samsudin, Identification And Control For Wastewater Treatment Systems- Graduated 2015

PhD, Maimun Huja Husin, Modeling and Optimisation of Activated Sludge Wastewater Systems- Ongoing

PhD, Fazlul Rahman Bin Mohd Yunus- Dual-Modality Tomography Using Ert/Utt For Imaging liquid/Gas, Ongoing

PhD, Mohd Zurix Bin Mohamed- Sludge Drying Plant Optimization on Output Cake Dryness & Processing Capability through  uncertainty and Error Reduction in Sensors and Artificial modelling- Ongoing

Master by research, Siti Nur Suhaila Binti Mirin, Fault Detection and Monitoring System for the Application to Wastewater Treatment Plant- Graduated 2014

Master by research, Mashitah Binti Che Razali, Singularly Pertubation Method Applied to Multivariable PID Control- Graduated 2014

Master by research, Muhammad Zuhdi Bin Sulong @ Abdul Razak, Operational Parameters Optimization For Domestic Wastewater Treatment Based On Organic And Nutrients Removal Using Aerobic Granulation Sludge - Graduated 2014

Master by research, Mohd Fadzli Bin Abd Shaib, Flow visualization for gas solid measurement using optical tomography fan beam projection- Waiting for viva

Master by research, Mohamad Saiful Islam Bin Aziz – Optimization of Activated Sludge Process using Gravitational Search Algorithm and PSO- Graduated 2015

Master by taught course, Amjed Hassoon Saleh- Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System Model with Application into Wastewater System- Graduated 2014

Master by taught course, Nur Asmiza Selamat, Multivariable PID Control Tuning Based on Optimisation Technique for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Graduated 20112012

Master by taught course, Ali Vaseghi Ardekani, Detecting halal or nonhalal of slaughtering chicken by image processing, Graduated 20112012

Master by taught course, Nurul Syahirah Bt Khalid, On- and Off-line Identification of Linear State Space Models, Graduated 20112012.

Master by taught course, Muhammad Iqbal bin Zakaria, Analysis and design of a linear input/output data-based predictive control, Graduated 20112012.

Master by taught course, Osama Hosni Saleh Whida, Subspace-based adaptive predictive control for a nonlinear system, Graduated 20112012.

Master by taught course, Suliman mahmoud alhashmi ahmad, Two time scales MPID control, Graduated 20102011

Master by taught course, Siti khadijah Ismail, the development of software platform for identification unit, Graduated 20102011

Master by taught course, Reza mashayeki, Multivariable identification of an activated sludge process with subspace based algorithm, Graduated 20102011

Master by taught course, Ezreen Farina binti Shair, Direct Adaptive Predictive Control for wastewater treatment plant, Graduated 20102011.

Master by taught course, Mohammad Reza Nilchiyan, Indirect adaptive model predictive control of wastewater system, Graduated 20102011.