Research Grant Awarded

Head of Project, Modelling of a shape memory control system and L2 stability analysis, Vote 71950 (NAS)- RM 17,000. (Dec 2002-Dec 2003). Completed

Head of Project, A multi-layered control design for Enhancing Nitrogen Removal in Activated Sludge Processes, Vote 77954,(RMC), RM 10,000 (Nov 2009- Nov 2010). Completed

Head of Project, Basic Study of Singularly Pertubed Systems for Multivariable PID  Control Tuning Methodology, Vote 4F052, (FRGS), RM46,000 (1 Jan 2011-31 Dec 2012). Completed

Head of Project, Design of a simulator for the activated sludge wastewater system, Vote Q.J130000.7123.02J44, (GUP- Tier 2), RM40,000 (April 2011-March 2012). Completed

Head of Project, Recursive identification based on subspace algorithm via exploitation of singular value decomposition technique., Vote Q.J130000.2523.02H70, (GUP- Tier 1), RM80,000 (May 2012-April 2014). Completed

Head of Project, Inverse Model Based PID Compensation For Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems. Vote Q.J130000.2523.05H44, (GUP- Tier 1), RM54,000 (01/04/2014 until 31/03/2016). Ongoing.

Head of Project, Fundamental study on modeling and control of POME membrane bioreactor filtration system using artificial neural network. (FRGS), RM 106,400 (01/07/2014 until 30/06/2016). Ongoing.

Head of Project,  Modeling and Simulation of Wearable Thermo-electric Energy Harvesting Processes . (Flagship Grant), RM58,000 (01/07/2014 until 30/06/2016). Ongoing.

Member, Modelling and Adaptive Control of a Fuel-Injection System. Vot Q.J130000.2523.01H84. 01/04/2011 - 31/03/2013. RM164,000.00- Tier 1. Completed.

Member, Modeling And Controller Design Of An Industrial Pneumatic Actuator System With Servo Valve. RM 150,000.00. GUP-Tier1. Vot Q.J130000.2523.00H36. 01/04/2011 - 31/03/2013. GUP-Tier 1. Completed.

Member, Development of Hybrid Biogranular Sludge System for Rubber Wastewater Treatment. RM 34k (GUP- Tier 2) 01/05/2012 - 30/04/2013. Vot Q.J130000.2622.06J59-  Completed.

Member, Frequency Weighted Model Reduction Technique For Wastewater Treatment Plant- (GUP-Tier 2) RM 40k. 01/04/2011 – 31/3/2012. Vot Q.J130000.2623.02J59- Completed.

Member, Development of Biogranular Sludge Technology for Rubber Industry Wastewater Treatment.  (ERGS) RM 89000. 15/06/2012- 14/06/2014. Vot R.J130000.7822.4L050-Ongoing

Member, Study on Actuator fault Control for Active Suspension Vehicle (FRGS), RM 83,000, 16/12/2013 - 15/12/2015, Vot R.J130000.7801.4F333- Ongoing

Member, Study of a novel inverted decoupling control for a Quadraple Tank Process for optimization using Bees Algorithm and Firefly Algorithm, RM 44,600, 16/12/2013 - 15/12/2015 Vot R.J130000.7823.4F413- Ongoing

Member, Automated Artificial Insemination Technique and Application in Goats, (Tier 1), RM 60,000, 01/05/2012-30/04/2014, Vot Q.J130000.2523.02H71- Ongoing

Member, Particle size measurement of dry solid in pneumatic conveyor using electrostatic sensor and frequency spectrum analysis- (GUP-Tier 1), RM80k. 01/05/2012 - 30/04/2013. Vot Q.J130000.2523.02H73- Ongoing

Member, Nonlinear Disturbance Observer Design and Robust Precision Control for Hydraulic Actuator System. RM 89,500, Tier 1, 1/4/2014- 31/3/2016, Vot Q.J130000.2523.05H57- Ongoing